Saturday, August 16, 2008

About Ruth Adell

We created Ruth Adell because we have a special love for what we do! We are three sisters who were taught to sew by our Grandmothers- our dad's mom, Lillian Adell, and our mom's mom, Patsy Ruth- thus the name, Ruth Adell. We felt it was fitting to name our business after our grandmothers who contributed to our love of design and sewing. All of our original creations are designed from both new and vintage fabrics. We specialize in baby bedding and attire, but are not strictly exclusive to baby designs. We are always open to new ideas and looking to broaden our horizons! As a matter of fact, one major project was realized with the help of a customer!

This particular venture came about when a friend came to us with a request. She had an idea to create pillows from old dresses that she purchased at a thrift store. She was headed off to her second year of college, and was in the process of revamping her bedroom and living room. When she came to us, she provided the fabrics and told us her basic idea- to have pillows to place on her bed and sofa. After sitting, discussing, and throwing out ideas, we came up with a plan. We then got to sewing... soon, the pillows were made and we all loved the outcome!